APsA-Lesbian and Gay Parenting
Informe de la American Psychological Association, autora Charlotte J. Patterson, University of Virginia.
Like families headed by heterosexual parents, lesbian and gay parents and their children are a diverse
group (Martin, 1993). Unlike heterosexual parents and their children, however, lesbian and gay
parents and their children are often subject to prejudice because of sexual orientation that turns
judges, legislators, professionals, and the public against them, frequently resulting in negative
outcomes such as loss of physical custody, restrictions on visitation, and prohibitions against adoption
(Falk, 1989; Editors of the Harvard Law Review, 1990). As with all socially stigmatized groups, the
beliefs held generally in society about lesbians and gay men are often not based in personal
experience, but are instead culturally transmitted (Herek, 1991). The purpose of this summary of
research findings on lesbian and gay parents and their children is to assist psychologists and other
professionals to evaluate widespread beliefs in the light of empirical data and in this way ameliorate
the negative effects of unwarranted prejudice.